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Pia Pounds reveals she is a virgin, sparking online debate


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Pia Pounds has stunned netizens by disclosing that she is a virgin. This unexpected admission has sparked reactions with many finding it hard to believe.

Pia Pounds says that her choice is rooted in her values and self-worth.

The Bitimba singer explained that her virginity is a matter of personal choice, influenced by her search for the right partner.

I haven’t met the right man, and that is the reason why I haven’t been able to give myself to any man in terms of a relationship.

Pia Pounds

She adds that there are individuals like her who prioritize self-respect and personal values over giving in to external expectations.

So many people don’t believe me, but they should know that there is someone like me who values herself more than other people’s bodies.

Pia Pounds

Pia’s love journey has not been without its trials. She has endured heartbreak, once believing she had found a life partner, only to be betrayed when he impregnated another woman.

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Describing herself as “very reserved” and “very pure,” Pia Pounds maintains that her future husband will be the one to confirm her virginity to the world.

I don’t want to say a lot but I am virgin I am pure. I am waiting for the right man to come over and I will give myself to that man. People can accept or deny but that is what it is.

Pia Pounds

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