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Recho Rey’s rise to rap fame: From mimicking TV ads to becoming the school’s rap queen


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While appearing on The Deep Talk Show hosted by Mr. Henrie on Galaxy TV, Recho Rey narrated that her journey into Rap music was rooted in a moment of inspiration from a TV AD featuring Jakita, a young girl of her age then.

Her love for rapping started when she witnessed Jakita’s performance, leading her to start mimicking her raps, which helped her to improve her skills.

It was a fellow student who recognized her talent and encouraged her to join the “extraordinary rappers” club, labeling her as the “Rap Queen.”

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Recho Rey admits that the starting point of her dream was when her friend gifted her a 96-page notebook to pen her thoughts and helped her craft her first rap lines as she improved her talent as the school’s rap queen.

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