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Ugaboys criticize the quality of songwriters since Radio’s passing


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Performing duo Ugaboys (Ugaboy Zee and Ugaboy Coin) has come out to claim that ever since singer and songwriter Mowzey Radio breathed his last, the Ugandan music industry has never produced certified songwriters again.

Speaking in an interview, the pair stressed that most of the songwriters who brag around need urgent help reasoning that the songs they write are lacking in quality.

They went ahead to claim that most of them should stop the issue of self-entitlement where they claim to be top songwriters.

They added that some of those who won “Songwriter” awards, should return them to the award organizers because they believe they don’t deserve the awards.

Ugaboy during a radio interview at one of the Radio stations in Kampala

Many songwriters feed on us. Sometimes they contact us asking whether we buy songs and when we listen to their content, we find that we are the ones who are supposed to be selling songs to them.

All these songwriters you see bragging need help. They should be written for. They need urgent help and they should stop this thing of entitlement. We have no certified writers here. No one.


The “Salary” fame singers went ahead to claim that Ugandan award organizers should disband the category of “Best Songwriter” while hosting awards though paid respect to Mowzey Radio stating that even though he passed on when someone listens to his music, the composition was and will always be great.

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