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Producer Didi: I had last tested for HIV in January and I was negative


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Ugandan Music Producer Didi, real name Abdul Karim Muchwa, maintains that he only learned about being HIV positive two weeks ago when he was bedridden with high blood pressure and ulcers despite having done several tests months before that turned out negative.

Through a video he shared on different social media platforms, Producer Didi revealed that after a medical check-up, he found out that he is HIV positive. The news shocked many people. He, however, noted that he decided to come out with a sense of responsibility towards people who look up to him.

He also emphasized that he needed to use his own story to inspire younger people to take the right path and how confront similar difficulties in their lives.

In an interview with Sanyuka TV, Didi reveals that he has always carried out tests in previous months and they have always turned out negative until two weeks ago when the doctor gave him the shocking news.

I have always done these checkups. Even last year I did a checkup and I was okay. But when they did the checkup this time, the doctor asked me if I knew my status. I told him I knew it and that I knew it was negative. I told him I had last tested around December and January.

Producer Didi

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Didi was, however, aware that the results can change and when he was told that his tests turned out positive, he handled it calmly.

He narrates that he has lived through suffering since he was a kid and he is mentally ready to handle all the challenges that might come with stigma.

He also advised people on how to deal with the pressures of life by always expecting the worst.

I could have had fear but I have broken the stigma in my life. I suffered a lot as I was growing up so each time I set out to do something, I prepare my mind for possible failure so that if it turns out successful, I enjoy it.

You only get disappointed if you go into something expecting 100 percent success. We are born to learn how to live with fear.

Producer Didi

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