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Promoter Kim Hanx clarifies on AgaNaga-Fik Gaza feud


For over a month, singer Kalifah AgaNaga and Fik Gaza’s feud has been ongoing with the former throwing subtle jabs toward the latter.

In earlier stages of the feud, the Bad Character Records boss AgaNaga accused Fik Gaza of not showing up at a show he had organized at a hangout in Nansana, which he had booked him to perform for the fans.

The “Mina Konda” singer claimed that he had made a full payment to Fik Gaza to perform to turn up but ended up disappointing him at the last minute when he changed his mind and asked for more money which he declined to offer.

The following day, Fik Gaza went to Nansana Police Station and filed a case requesting AgaNaga’s arrest something that upset him so much. He also reportedly went to different media outlets trashing his name.

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Since then, the exchange of words has been going on between the two musicians, and late last week it almost turned violent when Fik Gaza and his crew attacked and reportedly assaulted AgaNaga.

The physical altercation prompted promoter Kim Hanx who had organized the show to which AgaNaga booked Fik Gaza to perform to clarify the matter stating that he gave Shs3m to AgaNga to be paid to Fik Gaza.

Kim Hanx explains that when AgaNaga reached out to Fik Gaza, he wanted to give him only Shs 100k of the money and thus reported the case which was later withdrawn to keep peace between the two artists.

When all was done, AgaNaga kept on sending insults and trolling Fik Gaza online which did not settle down well with the singer and his camp thus getting slapped recently.

Aganaga claims that he gave Fik Gaza money to perform in Nansana, but that is not true. The owner of the venue where Fik was supposed to perform gave Aganaga 3 million Ugandan shillings as payment for Fik. Aganaga only wanted to give Fik 100,000 (UgShs) of the money.

We reported the case, but it was later withdrawn to keep the peace. However, Aganaga continued beefing with Fik Gaza on social media, and the people who knew the whole story became angry; one of them slapped Aganaga.

Kim Hanx

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