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Reign of Maulana and Reign defends his music against ‘bubble gum’ label


Reign of Maulana and Reign has fired back at critics who label his music as “bubble gum” music.

He made it clear that creating music involves a lot of effort and investment, which shouldn’t be downplayed.

We put in a lot of money in recording, releasing audios, and making videos. Sometimes, we even go above and beyond our intended budgets, so instead of criticism, show us some support.


He acknowledges the commitment and passion artists like him put into their music and urges lovers of music to quit classism and show some appreciation for their creative efforts.

He also wondered who has the right to actually divide music into groups as he argued that when he hits the studio, he does his best and leaves knowing he has produced a particular genre of his liking only for listeners to grade his music as “bubble gum.”

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