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Ritah Danchall emphasizes her commitment to dance over relationships


Renowned dancer Ritah Nasaazi, popularly known as Ritah Danchall, emphasizes the importance of her dance career over her relationships.

Ritah Danchall, known mostly for her energetic and erotic dance routines, states that she can spend more than a year without sex but not hours without dancing.

She also highlights how she found success in uniqueness. Ritah Danchall also acknowledges the importance of being professional and respecting others, something she believes many of her Ugandan fans have failed to understand.

She is also fed up with being sexualized all the time by people who often forward her sexual favors as they misunderstand her art form.

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NOTE MY WORDS: My Career will always and always be my first priority in my life, cuz kyona kyendi, byenina, obuvunanyizibwa, it is all about DANCE. If you can’t understand that Nasazi Ritah and RITAH DANCHALL are totally 2 different people then we gat depart, no offense. I LOVE YOU DANCE, I can spend more than 1 year without SEX But i can’t evn spend hours without DANCING.

Mwana let’s try to be professional atleast, mwagala kungamba the other Dancers who dance kind Dance Styles are always Banging? Even the Artists they dance with? Ugandans, Once Sheila told you, I don’t deserve Uganda and she’s Ryt, I am always finding a way to be unique that’s y I am where I am today, Naye Amalo mangi nyoo.

Banange Nkidamu I LOVE YOU DANCE, and to a Human being, if i have ever tell you that (I LOVE YOU) Plz respect it, because that is too difficult for me to outer it out if i do not mean it, And the funny part is hea, Bemugamba abatukirivu, abebikirira nga bebasinga obakyanga nokukyangibwa. Postnol bamumala mumalwaliro, Abortion zafuka daily meal. i am always a Ssenga to many, i thank God for that bi de way.

Enewes to those i inspire, Be you, the truth is in between you and Your God, the rest is BS.

Ritah Danchall

Josh Ruby is an Editor with high interest and knowledge in the Ugandan entertainment space, an industry he has been actively part of since 2010. Leads to breaking stories are welcome!

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