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Sheilah Gashumba and MC Kats resolve feud through reconciliation video


Sheilah Gashumba and MC Kats have shared a video where they were seen hugging each other, marking the end of a brief online fight.

The video was posted hours after MC Kats had directed several critical posts towards Sheilah. In response to the reconciliation, Gashumba posted, “Made peace with my brother @mckatsug,” (via X).

How did it all begin?

The online dispute began after Sheilah, during a TikTok live session, explained why she decided to leave “NBS After 5,” a show where MC Kats is also a presenter. She cited creative differences as a primary reason, mentioning that the show’s content direction did not align with her vision.

Sheilah also shared her frustration about trying to promote new music on the show. She joined “NBS After 5” when young artists such as Joshua Baraka were emerging, but her co-hosts and producers did not take her attempts to introduce his music and other new sounds seriously.

She expressed a desire to explore and support fresh talent in the music industry, a goal she found increasingly challenging on the show.

MC Kats responded to an article/post from Galaxy FM quoting Sheilah’s statements, sarcastically remarking, “Just like your knowledge skyrocketed Rickyz’s career to the Grammys.”

Sheilah then clarified her position, stating, “Dearest @mckatsug, you didn’t watch the full video. I fully stated that you and @DouglasLwangaUg are the best with Ugandan industry and Ugandan sound. Fortunately or unfortunately, I have more knowledge of international sound and music PR.”

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