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Singer Hassan Ndugga demands public apology from Ronald Alimpa to end curse


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Singer Hassan Ndugga has set conditions for singer Ronald Alimpa to be set free and live a happy life as in the past is by asking to come publicly and apologize to him.

Hassan Ndugga stated that since he cursed Ronald Alimpa for the harsh comments he made about him when he saved him from a nasty car crash, he has never forgiven him.

He went on to state that for Alimpa to return to enjoying life as previously, he should go to his base and apologize to his ‘small gods’ that he angered when he pissed him off.

The ‘Ebintu Bizibu‘ singer added that a curse is not something that people should take lightly noting that one has to put in efforts or apologize in order to be set free. He thuse urged the ‘Sean Don’ singer to do whatever it takes and long for him in order to help escape his struggling lifestyle.

I’ve heard so many people telling me that Ronald Alimpa wants to apologize to me. But Alimpa don’t go through people, just call press people and apologise infront of the camera.

For Ronald Alimpa to be set free, he should come to me and apologize before my gods and on behalf of all those that he upset. Once he does that, I will set him free and bless him. A curse is not something that just goes like that. So he should do the needful.

Hassan Ndugga

Just recently, Hassan Ndugga expressed the wish of fellow traditional cultural practioners uniting to also establish worship ceneter as vast as the Namugongo Catholic Shrine.

Hassan Ndugga and Alimpa’s fallout was sparked when the former alleged that he saved the latter words that the latter denied as went on to trash the formers statements.

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