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Crysto Panda finds inspiration in criticism, pushing him to excel in music


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Crysto Panda opened up about his biggest inspiration during a conversation on Spark TV’s Daily Soup. Surprisingly, his biggest inspiration comes from those who criticize and underestimate him.

In his own words, he expressed gratitude to those who try to bring him down because their negativity only pushes him to work even harder.

He also acknowledged that being talked about is a common experience for everyone in the limelight, including big artists like Sheebah and Eddy Kenzo among others and he understands that his journey will face similar challenges, but he remains determined to keep producing better music and supporting upcoming artists.

One recent example of his support for emerging talent is his collaboration with Ashiro on the track titled “Obutiiti,” in which he continuously urged deejays and media personalities to get behind the song and help promote it.

I would like to thank everyone who criticises me because I would not be who I am if it weren’t for them trying to put me down. Each time someone does that, I am inclined to push myself even further so I can prove them wrong.

Crysto Panda

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