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State Minister Peace Mutuuzo urges youth to dress decently, avoid tarnishing image


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Hon. Peace Mutuuzo Regis Akiiki, the State Minister for Gender and Culture, has shared a priceless piece of advice with the young generation of youth advising them to embrace the habit of dressing decently while in public.

She explained that for a young girl to walk naked or dress skimpily doesn’t make them famous or popular in one way or another.

The 49-year-old State Minister went on to assert that dressing skimpily, only taints the youth’s image and draws negative perspectives about them in the society thus urging them to change with immediate effect to look responsible.

Don’t pretend to be what you’re not because still you won’t be it. The time will come when you will realize that it is not adding anything to you or when it has tainted a negative image about you.

So I want to take this opportunity to urge the youth, especially the girls, walking naked or dressing skimpily won’t make you famous or popular among your peers, family, and children. So call upon all those who do so to change from now and take a better direction.

Hon. Peace Mutuuzo Regis Akiiki

Her advice adds to veteran singer Halimah Namakula’s who also a few days ago urged young girls to dress decently to raise a disciplined and proper morale generation in the coming years.

Lately, the girl child has been empowered in spheres of life trying to make sure that they are also respected and accorded big roles and tasks to run the country.

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