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Spice Diana: I would maintain my impact even if I stopped releasing music for three years


Source Management singer Hajara Namukwaya, better known as Spice Diana has bragged about establishing herself as a strong pillar in the Ugandan showbiz.

The singer who has recently been nicknamed “Birungo” believes that for the 10 years she has been active in showbiz, her name and brand cannot easily be forgotten reasoning that she has played a big role in making people believe in themselves that dreams are valid.

She is positive that even if she went three years without releasing a song, she would still maintain her impact, presence, and spot in the music industry.

I consider myself a perfect 10, with nothing to take away. My brand transcends just hits; even if I go three years without releasing a song, I’ll still maintain my presence and impact.

Spice Diana

When Spice Diana was asked about her rumored beef with Sheebah Karungi and the trending letter on social media, she responded noting that she doesn’t deal with fake people and fakeness.

She added that those circulating the letter should just know that she distanced herself from them a long time ago.

For me, when a person is fake, I distance myself from them when I get the chance. I don’t have time to beef with anyone because I don’t even have enough time for myself.

I wish I could have like 100 hours in a day just to finish up with what is on my table. There are things I don’t want to get close to because I hate familiarity these days and I don’t want fakeness because I’m not fake

I deal with real people and once you’re fake, you’re fake. I feel like I distanced myself from fakeness a long time ago. I think they just delayed to do so.

Spice Diana

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