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Steve Jean sold off his house to invest in events management


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Entertainment critic and music analyst Moses Anthony Mukasa, publicly known as Jenkins Mukasa, has revealed Steve Jean sold off his house in Bunga and invested the money in establishing Fenon events.

He explained that Steve Jean took the bold stride after he had realized that events are a profitable business following the fact that Elvis Ssekyanzi, the CEO of Silk Events was minting money out of hosting and organizing events.

Jenkins stressed that Steve tried to convince him to also sell off his house in Entebbe so that he could invest large sums of money in events but he declined fearing to make loses.

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Having taken the risk, Steve Jean’s Fenon Records has since turned out to be one of the most hired events companies.

He has created employed for several youths who work under his company and also helped some artists in rising to stardom by horning their craft like the Blu*3.

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