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TikToker Dr. Cephco wins legal battle against Full Figure, MC Chumi convicted


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Since 2022, TikTokers Dr. Cephco and MC Chumie have been battling a court case with singer-turned-presidential assistant advisor Jennifer ‘Full Figure’ Nakangubi for cyber harassment.

The files and arrest of the two TikTokers went to court when Full Figure reported the cases to the Police following a heated exchange of words that they used to hurl at each other.

At first, Dr. Cepheco was remanded but later got bailed out and cases remained pending as he always had to return to court on the dates he would be scheduled for further case hearings.

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Yesterday was the final day for the judge to give a ruling about their case and Cephco came out victorious against Full Figure. He is now a free man to enjoy his life. He took his social handles to celebrate the victory.

Cephco, however, reported that his colleague MC Chumi was convicted for cyber harassment.

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