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Mpaka Records’ Ykee Benda expresses disappointment over Dre Cali’s sudden departure


Ykee Benda shared his heartfelt emotions regarding the sudden departure of Dre Cali, an artist he had signed under his record label, Mpaka Records.

He expressed his disappointment and the challenges he faced when Dre Cali left the country without any prior notice, leaving behind an unfulfilled contract.

According to him, Dre Cali initially travelled abroad for a gig, with the understanding that he would return. However, upon reaching his destination, he seemingly found an opportunity to pursue other endeavours from there.

Unfortunately, he failed to communicate his decision to Ykee Benda and the Mpaka Records team, leaving them in the dark about his intentions.

Months passed, and Dre Cali remained silent about his departure, even though he had a year left on his contract with Mpaka Records.

Ykee Benda finally decided to share his side of the story, which brought a backlash. It was only after this public statement that Dre Cali, overwhelmed with guilt, sent an official email to Ykee Benda and the team.

Ykee Benda expressed his deep hurt and unhappiness over the situation, stating that the ordeal turned him hesitant about signing new artists under his record label.

However, he clarified that a few artists were signed, including Ugaboys and others with separate contracts in place to ensure clarity and avoid similar misunderstandings.

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