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Ugandan actress Pelly Peninah Nampanga reflects on her journey to stardom


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In Uganda, millions of youth and other individuals of any age are interested in joining the film industry but usually wonder how they can get it done.

Actress Pelly Peninah Nampanga shared with us a few tips that she implored to land herself a chance to achieve her childhood dream of becoming a popular actress on our screens.

Growing up, Nampanga always felt the desire inside her to become an actress, something that her parents also saw in her. To be where she is at the moment is not by mistake – she is living her dream.

Nampanga’s career kicked off with The Ebonies where she participated in some of their drama stage plays at Theatre Labonita. For her, this was a nurturing stage, a move she doesn’t regret taking.

Eager to see herself featured in a prominent TV series, Nampanga says she crossed paths with a post on Instagram calling for auditions and she applied.

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The bubbly Actress says someone needs to focus in one direction when starting rather than showing interest in different fields in film.

She urged those looking to be successful in the film industry to be disciplined, acknowledging that discipline is an important aspect of life.

Pelly Peninah Nampanga also advises young actors and actresses to engage with each other at auditions because the people they find there could turn out to be their next employers.

She also urges actors to not get tired of auditioning and to always be very selective about the roles and projects they choose to take on reasoning that some roles could be a subtraction from one’s efforts.

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