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Viboyo Oweyo shares the story behind the making of “Nyumbani” featuring Goodlyf (Watch)


This is the story and creation of “Nyumbani,” a hit song that brought together Viboyo Oweyo, Radio & Weasel as narrated by Viboyo Oweyo himself.

It all began when Jeff Kiwa, the Goodlyfe Crew manager, noticed Viboyo’s dedication and struggles in the music industry. He then proposed a collaboration with the Goodlyfe boys.

During a casual hangout, Jeff Kiwa shared his vision with Radio, who immediately embraced the idea. Weasel, on the other hand, made a simple demo with the chorus, setting the stage for Viboyo to add his verses.

The collaborative effort didn’t stop at the recording studio; it extended to the video production phase with Weasel offering clothing and footwear wear to Viboyo who was going through a rough patch.

Despite financial challenges, Viboyo’s remained committed as he offered his CD printer as a source of income for the Nyumbani Video.

When the song gained unexpected popularity in Gulu, the producer, Benon, who had initially not liked the song, offered to support the video production.

However, challenges arose when the initial videographer, a one Bashir, disappeared with unfinished work. But the team rallied together to locate Bashir and ensure the completion of the video. They oversaw the final touches, leading to the successful release of the “Nyumbani” music video.

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