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Vinka reveals Swangz Avenue owns her music, requires repurchase for rights


Vinka, signed under Swangz Avenue, has shared the details of her contract with the label, during her appearance on Galaxy TV.

She disclosed that her music isn’t entirely hers but rather owned by Swangz Avenue and in the event of an early departure or disagreements, she’d need to repurchase her music and brand from the label so that she earns all the rights from her digital purchases, streams, performances and etc.

She further explains that this would, however, depend on the contents of their initial agreement and contract.

She mentioned that if she wanted to leave before her contract ends or under unfavorable terms, that would be a different story but if it was all on good terms then maybe the label would negotiate with her and see to it that they both part ways peacefully.

I don’t own all my music fully. It is owned by Swangz Avenue, and if I woke up one day and wanted to walk away, then I’d either buy myself from them or let everything go depending on what terms I’d have left.


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