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Viral TikTok video ends Shifrah’s relationship, leaves her single


The now popular Shifrah has come out to speak about the viral TikTok video featuring Hoozambe free styling one of his songs with her sitting on his lap.

The video quickly went viral on various social media platforms, even making its way to the DJ booth in local bars.

However, when Shifrah appeared on Sanyuka TV’s Uncut Kalakata show yesterday, she revealed the unexpected aftermath of the video’s popularity.

Sadly, her boyfriend decided to end their relationship after seeing the viral video, leaving her single.

I was at work when the video was posted, and everyone was telling me about a trending video that I didn’t know about.

It went so viral that when my boyfriend saw it, he broke up with me questioning why I had to sit on another man’s lap like that. I am now very much single and searching.


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