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Vyroota criticizes established musicians for lack of support to rising talent


Ugandan singer Vyroota has criticized established Ugandan artists for not supporting emerging artists, claiming they are bad-minded

He spoke his mind in comparison to why the Nigerian music industry is bigger than Uganda’s industry taking for example how the Nigerian big guns in the music industry at one time paused releasing new music to show support to Ruger at the time when he was struggling to make it to the global market.

He added that in Uganda such a thing can’t happen because there will always be forces that would want to take someone’s effort down to the gutters.

Vyroota and Jowy Landa

Nigerian music is bigger than Ugandan music because the Nigerians are supportive, when Ruger was coming up, Burna Boy and other big Nigerian musicians paused releasing music for the boy to shine, in Uganda, it can’t happen, big musicians don’t want the young ones to shine.


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The “Twafuna Ssente” singer ahead to claim that the Ugandan music industry is so fake reasoning that artists compete against each which is not the case with Nigerians because for them they compete with artists out of their country and circle a thing that he urged fellow artists to adopt before its too late.

He also drew an example of how local artists here pitch concerts against each other a thing he still says that drags the industry backward due to selfish interests by some events promoters in the country.

Our music industry is fake because we compete with ourselves, In Nigeria, they are better because they compete with people outside Nigeria.


When asked when an artist should organize a concert, he replied that anytime one feels ready to stage one, they should go on and again cited when Alien Skin held his maiden concert when he was just two weeks old in the music industry.

The time spent in the music industry doesn’t matter, one can hold a concert at any time, look at AlienskinUg, he did a concert after spending only 2 weeks in the music industry.



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