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Why rapper Da Agent is still hesitant to join UNMF and other associations


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Local rapper Da Agent, real name Ivan Wabwire, maintains that he will not be joining any association and the Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF) until he is completely conversant with their activities and goals.

A couple of associations uniting musicians and other artists across the country have been created in the last few years the most popular one being the UNMF.

Despite its influence and popularity, some artists have adamantly refused to subscribe to its activities including Da Agent who claims he is yet to understand the federation’s aims.

“I haven’t joined any federation or association yet and am not part of any of those groups because I always want to scrutinize their goals,” Da Agent told Brayz Media.

He added, “It’s always better if you join something that you understand very well. Some of the members of these associations deny being part of them so it gives us who are on the outside some doubts of joining.”

He mentioned that the funds that were recently given to the UNMF members cannot lure him into joining the federation because he is an artist who hustles a lot and can fend for himself without depending on handouts.

Da Agent also advised fellow artists to be very careful with such funding because it could turn around to haunt them in the future.

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