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Swangz Avenue’s Zafaran reveals close connection with Azawi and experiences in the music industry


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Zafaran opened up about her experiences within Swangz Avenue and her favorite artist at the label.

For Zafaran, being signed to Swangz Avenue was nothing short of a dream come true. She emphasized that the opportunity to join such a prestigious label is a dream for many young Ugandan artists.

Upon joining Swangz Avenue, Zafaran was warmly welcomed, particularly by her fellow artists signed there. Among them, she found a close connection with Azawi.

Describing their connection as natural and effortless, Zafaran highlighted Azawi as someone she gravitates towards both musically and personally.

Azawi is not just a colleague; she’s become a close friend. We vibe well together, and our personalities complement each other perfectly. It’s a bond that goes beyond music.


Zafaran says Swangz Avenue has provided not only a platform for her music but also a supportive community of artists.

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