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Zafaran’s quest for financial stability and love: No room for broke men


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Zafaran has her eyes set on a life of financial stability and love fueled by years of hardship and suffering. She says she is determined to break free from the shackles of poverty and find a partner who can provide her with the comfortable life she deserves.

Zafaran states that she needs absolutely nothing to do with a broke man or one who expects money from her as she is determined to create a better future for herself, and a life she didn’t get while growing up.

Her stance on not being interested in a broke man stems from her desire for financial stability.

After enduring a lifetime of hardship, she yearns for a partner who can provide her with a comfortable life, which isn’t about materialism but rather about finding someone who can share in her dreams and aspirations.

I have suffered all my life. The last thing I want is to suffer even more because of a broke man, yet I am trying to better myself. If you don’t have money, please stay away from me.


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