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Acidic Vokoz credits Sheebah Karungi for launching his singing career and boosting his confidence


In a heartfelt interview on “Deep Talk with Mr. Henrie,” songwriter-turned-singer Acidic Vokoz opened up about his profound respect and gratitude for Sheebah Karungi.

Reflecting on a moment in his career, Acidic recounted how Sheebah offered him his first opportunity to perform on stage in Kampala at Freedom City.

This experience, he shared, was instrumental in building the confidence he needed to transition from being a songwriter to pursuing a singing career.

Acidic Vokoz expressed his enduring appreciation for Sheebah, noting that her support was a turning point. “That moment gave me the much-needed confidence to focus on singing,” he said.

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His gratitude for Sheebah’s belief in him remains strong, and he acknowledges the impact it has had on his musical journey.

During the interview, Acidic became emotional and shed tears as he narrated his story. As a rising artist, Acidic Vokoz has already made a mark with songs like “Last Chance,” “It’s Okay,” and “Future.”

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