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A Pass praises Lil Pazo’s success with ‘Enkudi’ as modern audiences prioritize catchy tunes


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In a conversation on the After 5 show hosted on NBS TV, A Pass extended his congratulations to Lil Pazo for the massive success of his hit song “Enkudi,” currently dominating the charts in the country as a number one song.

Earlier after the song’s release, Lil Pazo’s said that modern audiences lean towards catchy tunes with booming beats rather than deep lyrics with meaning suggesting that what the audience needs at the moment are catchy tunes like his “Enkudi.”

However, A Pass acknowledged the above idea and also brainstormed at the diverse musical landscape, where artists cater to various audiences of the music industry.

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He also added that however much Lil Pazo is right, giving himself as an example, the two have different target markets, so producing “meaningless” music wouldn’t make the hit for him.

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