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Alien Skin accused of assault and theft after refusing to return booking fees (Watch)


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Events promoter Vincent has accused Alien Skin and his associates of assault and theft. The incident allegedly occurred when Vincent visited Alien Skin’s music Fangone Forest headquarters to demand reimbursement for a performance that did not take place.

Vincent had booked Alien Skin for an event in Masaka, but due to misunderstandings, the Sitya Danger singer did not perform.

According to Vincent, when he went to confront Alien Skin to get back the booking fee, which amounted to Shs4 million, Alien and his team attacked him. Vincent claims they stole his money and other valuable items.

Alien Skin reportedly accused Vincent of insulting him online, leading to his refusal to return the booking fees. Vincent has expressed his determination to seek justice and recover his losses.

This promoter claims Fangone Forest singer Alien Skin and his gang assaulted him when he visited their premises for a show promo drop. He also claims they took his money forcefully.

(🎥: MatTee)

— MBU (@MBU) May 27, 2024

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