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Alien Skin reveals dislike for Mowzey Radio’s confrontational behavior, later finds understanding


Alien Skin has admitted to loathing the Goodlyfe boss, Mowzey Radio, back in the day citing Radio’s character for chaos as the primary reason behind his displeasure.

Radio was notorious for his bold and sometimes chaotic behavior, often making headlines for altercations and physical confrontations. Despite his musical talent, Radio’s nature overshadowed his talent, with frequent reports of him engaging in physical altercations.

Tragically, it was one of these altercations that ultimately led to Radio’s untimely demise. Initially critical of Radio’s behavior, Alien Skin has since experienced a change of heart, acknowledging a newfound understanding of the late singer’s actions.

Reflecting on Radio’s life, Alien Skin now sees parallels between their experiences, recognizing that those whom Radio clashed with were often individuals who spoke behind his back.

Alien Skin now perceives himself as inheriting Radio’s legacy, striving to cleanse the music industry of unwarranted criticism and negativity.

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