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Kapa Cat’s honest account of mother’s practical parenting style and emotional disconnect


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Kapa Cat opened up about the intricate relationship with her mother. Despite the challenges she faced, Kapa Cat shared her experiences of growing up under the care of a mother who focused on the practical aspects of parenting but seemed to miss the emotional connection.

She revealed moments of emotional neglect and verbal abuse from her mother, painting a painful picture of a strained mother-daughter relationship.

Even when she got a fatal accident that left her physically and emotionally wounded, her mother didn’t show up on her hospital bed to show some support and care as a parent.

It was not until I felt better-ish that I had to go and check on my mother who bluntly made it clear to me that I wasn’t in pain but rather was pretending yet I had x-rays showing a broken ligament. I felt so hurt and still am up to date.

Kapa Cat

Despite the complexities of Kapa Cat and her mother’s love, she admits that she still holds a deep rooted love for her mother because she stayed and made sure they had an education, food, shelter and clothings.

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