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Mukasa Mbidde advises answering phones in loudspeaker in romantic relationships for trust and mutual respect


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Hon. Mukasa Mbidde shared a unique perspective on the trust and privacy within romantic relationships as he revealed an interesting act of his wife always responding to her calls on loud speaker.

He emphasized the importance of trust by saying that because of the above, he doesn’t feel the need to check his wife’s phone as she speaks on it therefore underscoring a level of openness and trust that is vital in any relationship.

Hon. Mukasa Mbidde went further to urge couples to maintain a level of distance when it comes to each other’s phones and he suggested that staying away from your partner’s phone will not only help prevent unnecessary conflicts but also cease potential relationship strains if all they need is a non chaotic space.

He added that through respecting each other’s privacy boundaries, couples can build trust and mutual respect.

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