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Brian Avie reveals battles with depression and demons, shares inspiring story of resilience


Brian Avie

Singer and Songwriter Brian Avie, born Brian Baguma, has opened up about his past troubles, depression, and transgressions that he faced from childhood until just recently when he managed to overcome them.

While conducting an interview with Allan Cruz on his YouTube Channel, the “Kanzilye” singer explained that since his mother got critically ill for two months and passed on in 2007, his life has been full of trials.

Brain Avie stressed that he went through a rough patch in his life as he would get ‘sexually used’ by female-like demons at night and would often fail to sleep.

He only got relieved of the demon disturbances when he decided to leave the house that his late mother had left him to be a caretaker of and rent it out to other people.

He has been doing music for quite a good period in which he has also penned down hit songs for musicians including Bebe Cool and Fille Mutoni among others but on his side, Brian Avie has always struggled to land that hit jam which would usher him into the music scene.

He maintains that until now, he feels like something is trying to stumble his music career though he has invested a lot to see that he keeps up with pace and never gives up on his dream.

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