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Political commotion denies Bobi Wine’s music freedom, Eddy Kenzo admits being helpless


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During one interview Eddy Kenzo, the president of the Uganda National Musicians Federation, a heated debate emerged surrounding the music freedom of renowned artist Bobi Wine.

However, Eddy Kenzo, the president of the Uganda National Musicians Federation shed light on the challenges faced by Bobi Wine in his quest to perform on stage in Uganda and termed it as something way above his own powers.

Bobi Wine ventured into the political arena with aspirations of becoming the president of Uganda. This transition has caused a commotion, particularly with the current president, leading to the denial of certain rights, including the ability to sing freely and hold public shows.

Eddy Kenzo finds himself in a challenging position with both his hands tied together on this matter since he can barely do a thing about it in his opinion.

He acknowledges that the federation might be unable to single-handedly revive Bobi Wine’s music freedom and get him back on stage within the country.

He further made it clear that the federation would love to greatly distance itself from politics and support musicians needs and create a better music industry.

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