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Carol Sky accuses Mudra D Viral of fraud in collaboration deal


Upcoming singer Carol Sky has accused Mudra D Viral of fraud. Carol alleges that the incident began when she was introduced to Mudra by DJ LL for a collaboration and songwriting project.

Carol recounts that during their initial meeting, Mudra expressed admiration for her talent after listening to some of her songs.

He agreed to collaborate with her on a track, and they negotiated a fee of Shs6 million for the collaboration, which did not include promotion or a music video.

The resulting song was titled “Koona.”

Following the release of “Koona,” Mudra reportedly proposed an additional budget for the promotion of the song, including expenses for television, radio, and other media platforms.

Carol agreed to this promotional budget, which totaled Shs 27 million. She claims that after providing Mudra with the agreed amount, no promotional activities were carried out.

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In response to the accusations, Mudra offered his side of the story. He explained that the initial approach for the project occurred just before Ramadan, a period during which he abstained from musical activities.

He informed Carol and her team of his fasting schedule but agreed to proceed with the project immediately if necessary. Mudra requested Shs7 million for his services, but they negotiated down to Shs5 million.

Mudra also claims that Carol expressed a desire for him to elevate her to the same level of fame as Ava Peace, another artist associated with him.

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