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Dax Vibez discusses TikTok’s impact on Uganda’s music industry and its potential challenges


During an appearance on NTV’s The Beat, singer Dax Vibez discussed on the growing influence of TikTok on Uganda’s music industry.

The platform has become a promotional tool for artists worldwide, including those in Uganda.

Dax Vibez addressed the ongoing discussion about whether artists are now creating music specifically for TikTok, rather than producing songs in the studio first and then promoting them on the platform.

He likened TikTok to traditional media outlets such as radio and TV, emphasizing its role in music promotion. “TikTok is like any other media that’s being used to promote music,” he stated.

However, Dax noted that the platform’s influence comes with its own set of challenges. Often, a small part or verse of a song may go viral on TikTok, gaining popularity.

While this can be advantageous, it can also backfire if the rest of the song does not live up to the expectations set by the catchy snippet.

“The downside would be if the rest of the song isn’t that good when people search for its full version on YouTube,” he explained.

Dax advised artists to focus on creating high-quality music rather than tailoring their work to specific audiences or platforms.

“Artists should just focus on making good music and not focus on specific audiences but rather do their best and cover up everywhere,” he advised.

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