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Etania Mutoni shares her dislike for partners who like other women’s photos on social media


Media personality and socialite Etania Mutoni has shared some of her dislikes in a partner that she finds upsetting while they’re on social media.

She expresses that a partner who likes other female photos annoys her and makes it worse when they comment on the pictures. She notes that the only person’s images her partner should comment about should be belonging to her alone.

She adds that if she caught her lover liking a picture of a girl in a swimsuit, she would force them to wear one and she also likes his image.

My man, I catch you liking a picture of a girl that’s not your buddy In swimsuits, you’re going to wear a swimsuit, and I also like your pictures.


Etania Mutoni further explained that on the stage she is in her relationship with singer Joshua Baraka, and she even fears crossing paths with images of shirtless men.

You see me now, I can’t view a man who is shirtless now. It dosn’t work properly in my career. I can’t view shirtless men and when I see one who is not my man, I close my eyes. I nolonger follow men anymore.


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