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Topic Kasente hails Sheebah Karungi as Ugandan music’s best, advises Spice Diana to avoid rivalry


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Topic Kasente has lauded Sheebah Karungi as the face of Ugandan music today. In his view, Sheebah possesses the talent and appeal necessary to represent Uganda at major international music awards and that she has the potential to win them.

Topic did not shy away from expressing his admiration for Sheebah, stating that her success and popularity are evident through her numerous achievements.

He advised fellow artist Spice Diana to refrain from engaging in any rivalry with Sheebah, suggesting that they are not on the same level.

When questioned about the possibility of a musical battle between Sheebah and Spice Diana, Topic Kasente was decisive.

He declared that Sheebah would outshine Spice Diana in any competition.

Sheebah is the best in the land and there is no doubt about that. She has been the face of Ugandan music for a couple of years now. I don’t think any artist can match her success.

She should be the one representing us in all major global awards. For Spice Diana, I advise her to forbid herself from Sheebah because they aren’t at the same level. If they went into a battle Swag Mama beats Spice hands down.

Topic Kasente

Topic Kasente and Sheebah have a collaboration song together titled Tonzoleya that was released 6 years ago while Sheebah was still under TNS.

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