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Feffe Bussi’s journey from law school dreams to hip hop stardom


Feffe Bussi, the Ugandan hip hop sensation, opened up about his journey from familial expectations to following his passion for music.

He revealed that his parents, who were career-oriented, initially hoped he would become a lawyer. However, Feffe’s heart beat towards hip hop music.

Feffe confessed that he felt he had disappointed his parents by not following the path they hoped for him. Yet, over time, they came to understand and support his musical aspirations.

My parents wanted me to become a lawyer professionally, but my dream was to pursue radio presentation. They were not happy when I put my time into music. But because music is my passion, my parents later decided to fully support me and that is why I am here.

Feffe Bussi

Feffe credited much of his inspiration to GNL Zamba. He admitted to emulating GNL Zamba’s style and techniques. This influence, he noted, shaped his craft and contributed to his current success in the music industry.

Despite his parents’ initial reservations, Feffe’s love for music started during his school days. He recounted how he would sneak away from school to perform at events.

While his parents had dreams of him pursuing a legal career, Feffe had ambitions of his own, including a fascination with radio presentation as an alternative career path.

Looking ahead, Feffe vowed to encourage his future children to pursue their passions, whatever they may be.

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