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From watchman to renowned DJ: Sanyuka TV’s MutesaPro shares his journey


Sanyuka TV’s DJ Mutesa Pro has opened up about how he became an established and renowned deejay in the Ugandan music industry.

Known for his unique “Ekipumpuni” style of music mixing, DJ MutesaPro successfully captured the attention of many Ugandans and artists while still working with Masaka-based Radio Equator.

His show would attract many listeners and artists would equally request for their songs to be played in his style to tap into his fan base.

Following his successful career at Radio Equator, Naguru-based Next Media Sanyuka TV sought his services and hired him to be a full-time employee at the station.

But DJ MutesaPro’s journey did not just happen overnight.

Speaking to Anna Talia Oze in an interview, he explained that he started working at Radio Equator as a watchman (askari).

During his days off, or at night, he would start mixing music when people were asleep because he was so passionate about it.

He even recounted a moment when he met DJ Shiru at an interview where they had gone to ask for a job but they both failed.

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