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Mudra D Viral’s innovative approach to songwriting brings hits to the music industry


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Mudra D Viral has been making a name for himself as the brain behind so many hits such as Ayi ft Sheebah, Obuwoomi – Karole Kasita, Shabada ft Ava Peace, Yaka, Baby Papa, Binyuma – Karole Kasita and so many others.

Unlike many songwriters who work under writer’s associations, Mudra prefers to write songs independently.

He believes that this allows him to maintain creative control and surround himself with positive vibes since most people seem to release a certain energy that doesn’t sit well with him.

He says that he doesn’t write under the association and by choosing to work independently, he has carved his own path in the music industry which has allowed him to explore his artistic freedom and create music that represents his unique style and vision.

Before collaborating with an artist, Mudra makes it clear that he expects his royalties and a certain percentage to be credited to his account. This approach ensures that both parties are on the same page from the start.

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