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Gabie Ntaate urges the media to respect artists’ personal lives, avoid asking sensitive questions


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Gabie Ntaate raised an important issue regarding the media’s approach to personal and sensitive questions. She emphasized the need for sensitivity and respect when interviewing artists or anyone else, particularly when it comes to topics like marriage and children.

Ntaate highlighted that asking personal questions like “When are you getting married?” or “Do you have any kids?” can be hurtful and triggering for individuals who may be facing challenges in those areas.

She further explained that some people may be unable to conceive, struggling with fertility issues or dealing with personal hardships, and such insensitive questions could unintentionally cause emotional distress and perpetuate societal pressures.

The gospel artist urged the media to consider the boundaries of personal lives and focus on the talent and achievements of individuals instead, highlighting that the media’s role should be to highlight artists’ work and not invade their private lives.

The media should stop asking such very sensitive questions because people are going through a lot. Some women are unable to get pregnant, some are in the struggle to get married while others are actually barren. The fact that we don’t engage in providing needs like education, food, or shelter to people’s families, we should refrain from asking such personal details.

Gabie Ntaate

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