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The Late Isama Olaxes’ father reveals emotional struggle with the inability to sire Children


The late Isama Olaxes’ father, Hajji Muhammad Kasajja, has opened up about how his late son would sometimes break down whenever he thought about his inability to sire children.

Speaking in an interview, Mr. Hajji Muhammad explained that the late Isma Olaxes was very much loved from his childhood by his grandfather, and the two worked so hard to keep him disciplined though he was stubborn.

Fortunately, their efforts paid off and the fruits were reaped in his adulthood as Isma Olaxes would always reach out to his siblings to support them in everything that they needed despite being birthed by different mothers.

He added that Isma Olaxes was a selfless person who cared for others before he could consider himself and would share his money and other belongings with his friends as one of the reasons why he was always loved very much.

His dad notes that the late often paid him a visit at home but there was only one thing that would break him down and it was whenever he thought about his struggle and inability to have children.

One source of pain for him (Isma Olaxes) was his inability to have children. One day, he came to me crying and asked, “Dad, will I ever be able to have children?”

Hajj Muhammad Kasajja

Isma Olaxes breathed his last in 2023 when he was gunned down by unknown assailants near his home in Kyanjja where he was renting.

His untimely demise left many shocked and heartbroken since he was a vocal person who always aired his opinions based on how he viewed the issues at hand.

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