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Keko calls for inclusivity in Ugandan music scene, highlighting bias against English-speaking artists


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In a passionate plea for inclusivity and support, female rapper Keko spoke on the bias against artists who sing in English. Despite being among a group of artists who predominantly sing in English, she shared that she has faced challenges in gaining a wider audience in the music scene.

She revealed the difficulties faced by artists who sing in English within the Ugandan music industry, suggesting that they don’t attain a warm reception despite their talent and creativity. These artists often struggle to break through due to a perceived bias and are discouraged.

Keko emphasizes the need for a more inclusive music scene that embraces artists from diverse linguistic backgrounds and believes that all artists, regardless of the language they sing in, should be given equal opportunities and support.

I wish we all love ourselves as Ugandans and support everyone who sings good music regardless of what languages they sing in. Because when we discriminate against them, it is a great discouragement , yet sometimes they know English more than the local languages.


Keko speaks on the bias against artists who sing in English and calls for more inclusivity and support for their music.

(📹: Spark Tv)

— Baboon Forest Entertainment (@BaboonForestEnt) May 1, 2024

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