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Ameria Nambala warns women to avoid dating men who aren’t financially stable


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Singer and businesswoman Ameria Nambala has tipped fellow women to avoid dating men who are not financially stable.

Based on the stories and experiences shared by different women about their past ended relationships, she believes that if any lady falls for a financially unstable man, she could have to pay for loving him the way he found him for the rest of her life.

She adds that even when the man gets the money, he will instead shower praise and love to someone else and leave you suffering and feeling gloomy.

The “Amaalo” singer thus implored women to love men who have at least worked hard and earned their money noting that even if the two parted ways, a lady, wouldn’t feel deeply hurt because there would be some good memories to reflect on.

To all women out there I advise you not to fall for men who claim to love them as they are. You’re going to cry the whole of your entire lifetime because even if he works and earns money, he will punish you for loving him as he was. I plead to you all to love those who have worked and earned something. Even when you part ways, you can’t get too hurt because you can reflect on moments when you used to push out.

Ameria Nambala

She also tipped men to quit claiming to be in love as she advised many to love those whom they can handle and look after instead of trying to impress those that they can’t handle.

Ameria also hinted at the common habit among men of hopping from one woman to another saying that such men won’t gain anything from their habits.

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