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Bruno K confirms enduring friendship with Vanessa despite past conflicts


Singer Bruno K real name Bruno Kiggundu, has opened up on his enduring friendship with Vanessa, the mother of his son, Seth.

Bruno K emphasized that despite what critics on social media might say, Vanessa will always be his baby mama, and this relationship is unchangeable.

Last year, Bruno K and Vanessa were embroiled in a public altercation when Vanessa accused him of neglecting their child.

In response, Bruno K demanded a DNA test to confirm his paternity. The results confirmed that he was indeed the biological father, making him to acknowledge his parental responsibilities.

Through Facebook, Bruno K, shared a post featuring Vanessa and their son—stating that regardless of the circumstances, Vanessa will remain an integral part of his life.

He added that their primary focus is co-parenting and providing their son with everything he needs and that they have made a song together which he will drop today.

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