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Gravity Omutujju’s song ‘Okwepicha’ in British TV series ‘Queenie’


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Ugandan music continues to make its reach on the international stage, with Gravity Omutujju’s song “Okwepicha” recently featured in the British TV series “Queenie.”

The track, which has garnered 1.9 million views on YouTube since its release a year ago, made its appearance in the very first episode of the series.

“Queenie,” currently streaming on Hulu, tells the story of a 25-year-old Jamaican British woman navigating life in South London.

Gravity Omutujju joins a growing list of Ugandan artists whose music has reached global audiences through popular streaming platforms.

Eddy Kenzo’s “Mbilo Mbilo” featured in Netflix’s “Holiday In The Wild,” and Pia Pounds’ “Tupaate” was included in Netflix’s “Young, Rich and African.”

Arts and Culture journalist, Andrew Kaggwa Mayiga commented on this news saying Gravity’s feature is “proof that art is the most complicated product there is. Who could have imagined Okwepicha ending up in an episode of a British TV series? But again, everyone shouldn’t be doing such music, you may not be that lucky.”

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