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Viboyo recounts being bounced from the ‘Millennium’ video with Bobi Wine


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Veteran musician and video director Viboyo shared a time when he and Bobi Wine were bounced from featuring in the “Millennium” song that featured all-stars back in the day.

He narrated that they learned of how the then stars were recording from Nile Breweries and they would go there every day to rehearse and watch them so they could land the chance to feature in the song.

Their efforts of always making it to Nile Breweries were the all-stars where recording went unnoticed and they waited for the video shoot thinking that they could land a chance to feature on D-day.

On learning about when the video shoot was to take place and that artists were to meet at the National Theatre and had to travel to Entebbe, Viboyo and Bobi Wine woke up very early in the morning and at 5 AM they were at the venue.

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They sat and waited until 9 AM when someone told them that the contingent had already left for Resort Beach. Bobi Wine and Viboyo then hurried to the taxi park and boarded to the beach where they met the artists while recording.

They dressed impressively in their brand new outfits that one of their friends had bought them from overseas but Steve Jean who was the brains behind the video production barred them from featuring in the video.

Kid Fox, one of the acts in the song, pleaded to Steve Jean to permit Bobi Wine and Viboyo to be in part of his session but he declined saying the two were too smart to be in the video.

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